Increasing workforce productivity is a top goal for many businesses, and this new infographic from Microsoft will help Office 365 and Word 2016 users quickly adopt the newest Word features that will make the greatest impact on their productivity. These quick tips will get you started using these time saving features that will increase productivity immediately.

Learn 5 New Word Features with this Microsoft Word Infographic

If your business is using Office 365, this new infographic from Microsoft is for you!  You will learn about how to get started using 5 of their newest features designed to increase productivity. Choose which feature will make the biggest impact, and change how you work forever.

Document Sharing and Real-time Co-Authoring

Co-authoring allows colleagues to work together on a presentation or document  in real-time, eliminating the time wasting back and forth of email.  Learn how to quickly share a document without leaving Word. Get started working with your colleagues,  clients or  vendors instantaneously.  You'll be amazed how much time this saves, and the most exciting part is that this feature is now available in Excel and PowerPoint too!

Listen to Your Content

Today's busy workforce doesn't have time to sit down and read, so the new Read Aloud feature in Word let's you listen to your document being read, as each Word is highlighted.  A great time saver for everyone, and a learning tool for people with dyslexia and dysgraphia.   

Translate Text or Full Documents

 The new Translate feature in Word will translate a document, or an entire book for that matter,  in to your choice of 60 available languages in a matter of seconds!   Better yet, translate it into your reader's language without leaving Word.  Access step by step instructions in this infographic.  Imagine the time and cost savings for businesses that conduct business internationally.

Voice to Text with Dictate 

Use the state of the art speech recognition behind Cortana to convert speech into text while in Microsoft Word.  Type, edit, and format documents by speaking in word, and anything you say appears as text.  This add-in for Microsoft Word is a game changer for business.  In fact, once you start using this feature you may go so far as to call it  life changing!  

Proofread as You type with Editor

Allow Editor to proofread while you type in Word, including checking both your spelling and your grammar!   This is a must have feature for every business user.  Editor suggests options to improve your writing, and you have full control of accepting or rejecting all suggestions.    Where was Editor when I was in College?  

Get started using these exciting new features, learn how with this Microsoft Infographic, and change how you work today.

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Rose Doherty

Written by Rose Doherty