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3 ways to protect against ransomware

How to Protect Your Network before a Ransomware Attack

With recent attacks on hospital data catching headlines, we believe education is critical to help businesses and medical practices keep their data safe.  We co-present this webinar with our partners at Hospital, a software company specializing in intranet and healthcare policy and procedure management systems.  Learn how to protect your network with this critical security information.

What you will learn in this Webinar:
  1.   How to use an Intranet to educate staff on IT security.
  2.   How a proactive IT plan can help keep an organization stay safe from Ransomware attacks.
  3.   The basics of Ransomware and why it is so dangerous.
  4.   What you must include for a successful layered security strategy.
  5.   What is white listing and why is it critical to preventing ransomware.
  6.  The one critical service you must have in place that will guarantee you can restore your data without paying the ransom.   

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Rose Doherty

Written by Rose Doherty