The key to increasing productivity with Office 365 is to take advantage of the new features being added every month. This helpful infographic from Microsoft is a fast way to learn the latest Outlook productivity hacks!

Learn 5 Outlook Productivity Tips 

Get step by step instructions on using 5 of the newest Outlook features,  learning just one can be a real game changer, and it only takes a few minutes. 

Here's a sneak peak at the 5 new skills you'll learn from this great Microsoft Infographic:

Include links, images and more in your Email Signature 

Modernize your Email signature by adding your logo, text, links, and images.  You'll get step by step instructions and videos to customize this important element exactly how you want it. 

Use @metions to change how you collaborate forever

This simple action alerts the named person that there is something important that needs their attention.  Learn to use this and instantly increase your efficiency and productivity.

Co-Author documents you've attached to an email

Co-authoring allows colleagues to work together on presentations, documents and projects in real-time.  Simply share the document and work on it simultaneously, you'll see each other's changes as you make them.  Learn how. 

Prioritize messages, flag for followup and set reminders

Implementing an organizational system in your Email inbox can save you hours each day, possibly the most significant productivity hack you can make.  Learn how to use these features and take back control of your day.

Tell Me What You Want To Do

The Tell Me What You Want To Do feature shows you exactly how to do whatever it is you ask.  You'll never be stumped again, and the best news it that this feature is now in Word, PowerPoint and More.  Check it out int the infographic.

Get started using these exciting new features now with this Microsoft Infographic designed to help you boost productivity!


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Rose Doherty

Written by Rose Doherty