Office 365 Migration Services

Office 365 Migration Is Complicated, IntelliSuite Makes it Easy

If you are ready to migrate to Office 365, our Office 365 Specialists can help. Our unique Office 365 migration and Exchange migration methodology simplifies migration projects and lowers the overall cost of the migration by preventing downtime and allowing businesses to remain productive throughout the migration process.

 What to expect from IntelliSuite Office 365 Migration Services:

  • Our Office 365 Specialists will help you plan your migration to align with the goals of your organization 
  • Comprehensive planning including a thorough assessment of your existing environment
  • Recommendations and remediation plan if changes need to be made to assure a successful migration
  • Expert guidance on License selection for end users
  • We’ll advise you whether a cutover, staged, or hybrid exchange migration path is best for your business
  • Robust security and compliance planning and implementation
  • Azure AD Integration and implementation of Single Sign On
  •  Installation and setup of Office 2016
  • Secure migration of users’ data, email, calendars, contacts, and tasks.
  • Office 365 Backup Solutions
  • Data Migration to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint
  • Verification that all features are successfully operating
  • End user training resources are provided to get users up and running quickly.   


 Aligning Business Goals to Your Office 365 Roadmap

To maximize your ROI from your investment in Office 365, you need to create an Office 365 Roadmap to make sure your Office 365 Migration Plan is aligned with your Office 365 goals.  You may have determined the benefits listed above match your business goals for deploying Office 365, or you may have different reasons for deciding to make the move.  The key is for you to clearly identify why you are moving to Office 365, and how you will measure your success post-migration.

Which Office 365 Plan is best for your business?

To learn about the different Office 365 Business plans and pricing, download this quick comparison to learn what each plan includes to help you make the best decision for your business.

Compare Office 365 Plans

The Top 6 Benefits of Office 365 for Businesses

  • Reduce the cost of delivering services
  • Enable agility in a changing operating environment
  • Drive user productivity
  • Gain certainty over costs
  • Streamline IT operations
  • Improve organizational communications
Source:  Osterman Research Inc.