Windows Virtual Desktops

WVD Solutions Customized for your Business

With over 20 years of consulting experience, IntelliSuite specializes in the planning, implementation, and management of Microsoft and Citrix technologies. Our expertise includes delivering Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premise, datacenter, and Azure Cloud (WVD, Office 365, Microsoft 365). IntelliSuite integrates our managed IT services offerings for customers who desire on-going management of WVD environment as well as end-user support.

WVD Consulting Services Include:

 WVD Planning and Assessment                           

  • WVD Requirements Assessment
  • WVD Use Case Definitions
  • WVD Consideration for Zero Trust Network Access & VPN Replacement
  • WVD Pre-requisites Assessment
  • WVD Licensing & Entitlement Review
  • WVD High Performance Architectural Design
  • WVD Proof of Concept, Pilot, and Production Implementation
  • WVD On-going Monitoring, Maintenance, and Management
  • WVD Consideration for Business Continuity

WVD High Performance Design                           

  • WVD Design for Active Directory and Hybrid Connectivity with AAD-DS
  • WVD Design for MFA, IAM, and Conditional Access
  • WVD Design for Storage Sizing for Profiles / FSLogix
  • WVD Design for Azure VNET and S2S connectivity
  • WVD Design for Azure Firewall or Network Virtual Appliance (NVA)
  • WVD Design for Session Hosts

WVD Implementation                        

  • WVD Proof of Concept (PoC), Pilot, and Production as required
  • WVD Tenant Creation
  • WVD Host Pool Creation & Validation
  • WVD FSLogix Implementation with GPO Configuration
  • WVD Apps Deployment on Session Hosts
  • WVD Apps & Desktop Publishing
  • WVD App Masking & Layering
  • WVD Zero Trust Configuration for High Security Environments & VPN Replacement
  • WVD Zero Trust for Remote Access VPN Replacement
  • WVD Integration for Hybrid Use
  • WVD User Enrollment & Feed Configuration
  • WVD End User Roll out & Support
  • WVD Experience Monitoring & Validation

WVD Monitoring and Management                        

  • WVD Management UI Deployment
  • WVD Image Management Process
  • WVD Load Balancing Configuration
  • WVD Session Scaling & Redundancy
  • WVD Diagnostic Data Analysis
  • WVD Health & Performance Monitoring
  • WVD Zero Trust Management
  • WVD Change Management