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What is VDI?

By Rose Doherty on 6/4/20 3:06 PM

Allowing employees to work from home raises security and IT concerns for organizations, but business owners and IT Managers that have turned to VDI during the coronavirus pandemic have found VDI be a game changer.  VDI solves many of the challenges business owners and IT Managers have encountered while trying to enable a remote workforce, including how to keep remote users productive, business data safe and controlling IT costs.

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What is Microsoft 365?

By Rose Doherty on 4/27/20 3:48 PM

On April 21, Microsoft changed the name of its popular Office 365 Small Business plans to Microsoft 365, leaving many businesses wondering what this means for them. We have summarized everything you need to know about the changes to the Microsoft 365 Plans, including new plan names, what each plan includes and the benefits of the Microsoft 365 Premium Plan. 

Topics: Office 365 for Business Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft 365 Business Basic Microsoft 365 What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft 365 Business Microsoft 365 Business Premium Microsoft 365 Business Standard Microsoft 365 Business Apps
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2019 Password Policy Best Practices

By Rose Doherty on 6/5/19 8:15 AM


Complex passwords policies have proven to do more harm than good, resulting in users creating easy to remember passwords that are even easier to hack! The Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report confirms that hackers are taking full advantage, revealing that hacking is the #1 cause of data breach in 2019.  The report identifies phishing and the use of stolen credentials (passwords) as the top 2 hacking techniques used is successful data breaches.  

Microsoft, The National Institute of Security Technology (NIST) and the US Department of Homeland Security have drastically changed their recommendations for strong password policies. Let's look at their new recommendations, and how to implement these changes in your organization.

Topics: IT Security 2019 Password Policy Recommendations cybersecurity best practices Password Policy Best Practices password security network security cloud security best practices password policy recommendations
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Top 6 Benefits of Office 365 for Business

By Rose Doherty on 1/2/19 9:01 AM

Business Owners need to figure out how to use technology to stay relevant in a rapidly changing, modern workplace. Following is a list of the 2019 Top 6 benefits of Office 365 for Business, as well as the most compelling reasons that Office 365 for Business now has over 155 Million users at the end of 2018, and millions more adopting this suite of business productivity apps every month. 

Topics: office 365 benefits benefits of office 365 Office 365 for Business office 365 benefits for business what are the benefits of office 365 benefits of office 365 for business
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15 Lessons Learned from a HIPAA Data Breach

By Rose Doherty on 7/25/18 1:14 PM

Implementing a strong HIPAA Compliance framework is a requirement for all Covered Entities and Business Associates, but many practices don't realize this is also their best strategy to prevent a breach from happening!   My hope is that understanding what the OCR will ask you for after a Data Breach will help you implement an IT security framework that will reduce your chances of ever experiencing a data breach.  

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4 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

By Chad Myers on 6/21/18 8:42 AM

This week I’ve been working with a small company, coming up with solutions to their rather unique business problems.  They have operated for a very long-time as a “paper only” shop.  I was surprised to see paper based businesses still existed, but I have a feeling there are many more out there than I am currently aware of.  I have been working in I.T. for more than 25 years, and just figured everyone in my world was using technology for work, but that is not the case!  Showing a small business owner how technology can help them grow their business is really exciting, and creating a cloud environment allows us to address their goals, allowing them to work in ways they never imagined. 

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3 Reasons to Implement a Corporate Owned Device Policy

By Rose Doherty on 6/19/18 8:15 AM

The AP reported that a team-issued iPad was stolen from the car of a Chicago Bears Rookie, and the Bears Playbook was on the iPad!  Fortunately, the Bears Organization had implemented a corporate owned device  policy, which allowed the IT Department to take control fast.

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5 Actions to Protect Against VPNFilter Malware

By Rose Doherty on 6/11/18 10:05 AM

It has been reported that VPNFilter malware is more dangerous than initially thought.   The FBI is urging the public to take steps to protect against VPNFilter and improve router security.  We step you through the 5 actions you need to take now.

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Microsoft and TruGrid Announce Remote Desktop Licensing Agreement

By Rose Doherty on 4/6/18 11:31 AM

Microsoft Corp. and TruGrid (N.E. Desktop Software, Inc.) announced on April 3, 2018 that they have entered into a license agreement to enable access to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology for TruGrid's Simple & Secure Workspace, hosted in Microsoft Azure. 

Topics: cybersecurity cloud security Secure remote access Protect your data in the cloud TruGrid Remote access security
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8 Tips from the OCR to Prevent a Phishing Attack

By Rose Doherty on 3/14/18 1:23 PM

Phishing remains one of the most successful tactics used by hackers to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. In phishing attacks, cyber-criminals disguise emails to make the recipient think it is from someone they trust, and  The Department of Homeland Security warns that 97% of people can not identify a phishing attempt. Read the following IT security tips from the OCR to learn the best cybersecurity strategies to prevent a phishing attack.  

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Microsoft Outlook Infographic Shares 5 Great Productivity Tips

By Rose Doherty on 3/6/18 8:10 AM

The key to increasing productivity with Office 365 is to take advantage of the new features being added every month. This helpful infographic from Microsoft is a fast way to learn the latest Outlook productivity hacks!

Topics: Microsoft Outlook Productivity Learn Outlook Outlook 2016 Outlook tips outlook infographic
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5 Microsoft Word Productivity Boosting Tips

By Rose Doherty on 11/17/17 10:00 AM

Increasing workforce productivity is a top goal for many businesses, and this new infographic from Microsoft will help Office 365 and Word 2016 users quickly adopt the newest Word features that will make the greatest impact on their productivity. These quick tips will get you started using these time saving features that will increase productivity immediately.

Topics: Increase Productivity Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Word
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IntelliSuite Named a Top Office 365 Solution Providers

By Rose Doherty on 8/12/17 9:29 AM

Microsoft recently surpassed 85 Million business users on the Office 365 platform, and it appears there is no end in site.  Office 365 offers many benefits to businesses, including collaboration tools, built in security and compliance features, and automatic updates. What's the catch?  

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What is SharePoint Online?

By Rose Doherty on 6/21/17 3:10 PM

SharePoint Online is a robust document storage, sharing, and communication tool that, until Office 365, was only practical for Enterprise organizations.  Today, SharePoint is included in most Office 365 Business plans, expanding into the small and mid-size business market for the first time.  SharePoint is the solution to many common business challenges, and is paying off for organizations worldwide.

Topics: Increase Productivity Office 365 for Business Microsoft Office 365 What is SharePoint? SharePoint What is Sharepoint Online? Document management solution Collaboration solution centralized document library
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What is OneDrive for Business?

By Rose Doherty on 4/5/17 8:00 AM

OneDrive For Business is  one of the best productivity tools your business can invest in.  It provides a central location to securely store everything in your work life, and provides the modern productivity tools that will take employee productivity to a whole new level.  

Topics: Microsoft Cloud Microsoft OneDrive for Business OneDrive One Drive for Business Increase Productivity OneDrive for Business Office 365 for Business Microsoft Office 365
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What is Office 365 for Business?

By Rose Doherty on 3/6/17 10:32 AM

Many businesses today are looking for solutions to help run their company more efficiently and effectively. However, there may be a resource that is available that you have not considered: Office 365 for Business.

Topics: benefits of office 365 what is office 365 upgrade to office 365 Office 365 for Business
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What is the difference between Microsoft Office and Office 365?

By Rose Doherty on 7/22/16 8:13 AM

Although the suite of Microsoft Office products we are all familiar with such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint are included in Office 365 , I find many decision makers view Office 365 as simply Microsoft Office in the cloud.  Actually, Office 365 has many additional features and benefits  that have the ability to transform how company's communicate and collaborate.  Here are the key points to understand Office 365.

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3 Key Benefits of Exchange Online for Business

By Rose Doherty on 7/11/16 8:00 AM

It is estimated that the average employee receives 147 emails a day and spends 13 hours a week reading and sending email.  How can Office 365 Exchange Online help today's workforce to increase productivity despite the increasing volumes of communication?  Read on to learn 3 key benefits of Exchange Online that are modernizing businesses and increasing employee productivity.

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Case Story shows company reduced email costs by 80% Microsoft Cloud

By Rose Doherty on 6/23/16 2:29 PM

This Microsoft Case Story says it all when it comes to how the cloud can save companies money by eliminating all of the expensive hardware and IT infrastructure necessary to host applications such as email on premises.  Learn how this construction company improved communication between their company, customers and vendors while reducing their costs by 80%.

Topics: Microsoft Cloud benefits of office 365 azure migration
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CryptXXX ransomware is bad news for healthcare organizations

By Art Gross on 5/2/16 9:22 AM

New ransomware is bad news for healthcare organizations

CryptXXX Ransomware provides the scenario we feared most.  Not only does CryptXXX encrypt a victims files, but it also copies data off of the victim's computer.  This can be consideered unauthorized access, and needs to be reported as a Data Breach.  The following article is written by Art Gross, our partner at HIPAA Secure Now. Read his article to learn more about this very dangerous new ransomware, and what you can do to prevent it.

Topics: HIPAA Compliance
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7 Questions That Will Protect Your Network from Ransomware

By Rose Doherty on 4/22/16 1:57 PM

The fastest and easiest way for cybercriminals to steal your confidential data or paralyze your network with ransomware is to send an email to your employees and get just one of them to click on a link or open an attachment.  That is all they have to do, and once anyone on the network clicks, they criminal has been invited in to do whatever damage they want.  Employee education is the key to your corporate security.  Teaching them to ask these questions before clicking is one of the most effective security strategies you could implement.

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Webinar: How to Prepare for and Respond to a Ransomware Attack

By Rose Doherty on 3/28/16 10:46 AM

Recorded Webinar Broadcast

How to Protect Your Network before a Ransomware Attack

With recent attacks on hospital data catching headlines, we believe education is critical to help businesses and medical practices keep their data safe.  We co-present this webinar with our partners at Hospital, a software company specializing in intranet and healthcare policy and procedure management systems.  Learn how to protect your network with this critical security information.

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Encryption Could Have Prevented Data Breach

By Rose Doherty on 2/9/16 3:27 PM

Encryption Could Have Prevented Centene's Data Breach of 950,000 Patient Records

Encrypted Devices with PHI can be lost or stolen and it is not considered a Data Breach.  Encryption is like a Get Out of Jail Free Card!  Health Insurance credentials sell for $20 each on the black market, but when supplemented with personally identifiable information (PII) such as birth date, place of birth, social security number, it can yield over $1000 per record.  These are scary times, and Centene, a St. louis based health insurer is the latest victim of a data breach that will make your head spin.  The worst part is that it could have been easily prevented with one simple and inexpensive security measure.

Topics: HIPAA Compliance Data Security
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7 Reasons to Virtualize Legacy e-PHI

By Rose Doherty on 2/2/16 9:49 PM



Virtualized Data Storage provides easy access to old EHR system data.

As hospitals continue to implement new EMR systems, and medical practices merge into super practices, the decision  of what to do with the legacy data from the old system is keeping many IT Managers up at night.  There are pros and cons to every option, but virtualization is rapidly increasing in popularity for the following reasons.
Topics: Legacy Solutions
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15 Things the OCR Will Ask For After a Breach.

By Rose Doherty on 1/6/16 3:00 PM

Implementing a strong HIPAA Compliance framework is your best plan to prevent a breach. Understanding what the OCR will ask you for in the event of a Data Breach, and preparing all of this documentation ahead of time will give you a very good head start on HIPAA Compliance and may just prevent you from experiencing a breach.

Topics: HIPAA Compliance
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What is a Business Associate?

By Rose Doherty on 1/4/16 1:55 PM

The HIPAA Privacy Rule allows covered entities and health plans to disclose protected health information (PHI) to business associates, but only if the business associate signs a Business Associate Agreement in which it assures that it will appropriately safeguard the PHI it receives or creates on behalf of the covered entity.  So, which of your vendors need to sign a B.A. Agreement?  Here is a helpful list of vendors that need to sign your Business Associates Agreement.  You may be surprised!

Topics: HIPAA Compliance
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IT Security Best Practice for Mobile Device Use

By Rose Doherty on 12/21/15 8:00 AM

If you’re planning on heading out of town – or simply to the coffee shop to work – you will want to keep these tips in mind to keep your data secure.

Topics: Data Security IT Security
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Cyber-Security Requires Training Employees

By Rose Doherty on 12/14/15 8:00 AM

Hackers are getting more sophisticated every day, and the ways they lure you to give them access to your computer are downright devious.  It is important that all employees are aware of these simple rules that will help prevent intruders from accessing your computer network.  

Topics: Security HIPAA Compliance Internet Security IT Security
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What is PHI?

By Rose Doherty on 11/23/15 8:00 AM

Protected Health Information (PHI) is defined as information in any format that identifies the individual, including demographic information collected from an individual that can reasonably be used to identify the individual.  PHI is information created or received by a healthcare provider, insurance company, employer, or health care clearinghouse, and relates to the past, present, or future physical or mental health or condition of an individual.  

In order for Covered Entities and Business Associates to protect PHI, it is critical that you are aware of these 18 identifiers that constitute that the information qualifies as PHI. 

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Should You Allow Employees to Use Their Own Devices for Work?

By Rose Doherty on 9/28/15 7:00 AM

BYOD offers many benefits, but you have to consider the IT Security Risks

The evolution of personal mobile devices and the rise of how necessary they are to business success these days are forcing many small business owners to make a choice. "Bring Your Own Device” vs. “Corporate Owned Device”.

Topics: Disaster Recovery Data Security Backup
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3 Critical Elements for an Effective Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.

By Rose Doherty on 9/21/15 7:00 AM


There Are 3 Critical Elements You Must Have In Place To Guarantee A Fast, Pain-Free Recovery Of Your Critical IT Systems In The Event Of A Data-Erasing Disaster, Yet Most Businesses Don’t Have Even One!

When it comes to backing up and protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any doubt – that you could recover your files and be back up and running again fast after a natural disaster, power outage, server crash, hacker attack or other data-erasing event. Here are 3 critical elements you must have to guarantee a painless recovery when things go wrong.

Topics: Disaster Recovery Data Security Backup
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What is the Difference Between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

By Rose Doherty on 9/10/15 1:51 PM

Here’s a big (and scary) misconception you might have about your data backups: backing up your data guarantees a fast recovery. It does NOT!

Topics: Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Data Security Backup
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5 Tips to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

By Rose Doherty on 8/26/15 8:29 AM


Best Practices for Moving Data to the Cloud

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and while some companies are moving their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, many others are choosing to streamline their businesses by moving individual business applications.

If you are considering moving any of your company's software applications "to the cloud," make sure to consider these 5 tips BEFORE you make the move:

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Healthcare Data is #1 Target for Hackers

By Rose Doherty on 6/10/15 8:53 AM


As hackers continue to target healthcare data, security needs to be top priority.

Most healthcare service providers don’t realize how vulnerable their IT systems are to cyber attacks. One of the contributing factors to data breach is the conversion from paper records to electronic files. Despite many benefits, there is no denying that it increases the risk of data theft. And since stolen healthcare information can be used to commit identity theft and financial crimes, securing healthcare data has become more important than ever.

Topics: Security HIPAA Compliance
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Virtualization is often the Best Solution for Replacing Legacy EHR Systems.

By Rose Doherty on 6/8/15 11:00 AM


Does Your Practice Have A Strategy for Replacing Legacy Systems?

The question of what to do with legacy hardware and software is becoming a challenge for the Healthcare Industry.  The good news is, you have options.  The key to making the best decision for your Hospital or Medical Practice is to get educated on available options.

Topics: Legacy Solutions
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