Case Stories

With more than a decade of experience and clients in over 30 states, Intellisuite has managed a variety of technology services that include consulting, virtualization, and application hosting to drive efficiency and improve the bottom line of our clients.  Here are just a few of our success stories.

Featured Client Case Stories

NetScaler Upgrade Results in Faster Network & Increased Security for Large CPA Firm

The Challenge:

Multiple issues impacting end user productivity and providing a negative user experience initiated Management to seek Citrix Consulting expertise.  Their resident Citrix expert left the company, and they had concerns about configuration issues, upgrading from XenApp 7.9, their disaster recovery plan, and they wanted guidance in getting their environment up to Citrix leading practices.  

Issues they were experiencing include:

  • Slowness experienced by users after login
  • Applications do not always open, and users have to keep resetting their profiles
  • Citrix does not work in dual-screen mode
  • Disaster Recovery failover configuration was never completed
  • Concerns over possible single points of failure 
  • Management wants Citrix environment upgraded to meet leading practices

The IntelliSuite Citrix Solution:

  • Upgrade NetScaler firmware to NetScaler 12.0 latest build
  • Allocate additional CPU and Memory for optimal NetScaler performance
  • Configure NetScaler to meet best practices for secure remote access
  • Update License Server to the current version
  • Upgrade XenApp 7.9 site to XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU2
  • Build second Delivery Controller Machine to including Citrix StoreFront 3.12.2000 and Director 7.15.2000
  • Configure Director deployment to be accessible via a single URL, load-balanced by Citrix NetScaler
  • Create Active Directory Group Policy Objects to streamline and optimize the virtual environment
  • Configure Citrix profile management policies to best practices
  • Provide Citrix environment configuration and architecture documentation, and conduct knowledge transfer sessions with client team members.

Business Results:

The Benefits of the NetScaler Upgrade include:
  1. Users are reporting a dramatic improvement in system speed. 
  2. Applications perform optimally, and are always available regardless of location they login from.
  3. Client's application and network security efficacy has dramatically increased with the deployment of the NetScaler 12.0 security solution
  4. Fault tolerance has been built into their environment, eliminating all single points of failure by providing seamless failover.
  5. IntelliSuite utilized the Citrix Consulting Methodology to bring the client's Citrix Environment up to leading practices, satisfying Management objectives. 

Technologies Used:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR CU2
  • NetScaler Firmware 12.0
  • Citrix StoreFront 3.12.2000
  • Director 7.15.2000

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The Client:  One of the largest Healthcare Systems in the US with over 26 Hospitals and 50,000 employees.

Client Needs:  Highly Available Citrix WorkSpace Suite Design (XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenMobile)

The Challenge:

  • Client needed a highly available and resilient virtual desktop environment.  All components of the solution must be highly available and resilient, whereby all single points of failure are eliminated.
  • Client wanted a Virtual Desktop and Application Environment based on Citrix XenDesktop 7.6.  The design needs to deliver to client’s user community a virtual desktop based on Windows 7.  The design will support 60,000 concurrent virtual desktops but with capacity for 120,000 virtual desktops, and over 19,000 applications including multiple versions of the same application.
  • Integrate the design with Citrix NetScaler Gateway for secure remote access.
  • Create a design for Citrix XenMobile to handle management of mobile devices; provide secure access to corporate mail, web content, and ShareFile document libraries, integrate with client XenApp and XenDesktop environment.
  • Create a production-ready Proof of Concept (POC) incorporating the IntelliSuite Design

The Client:
A Top 10 US Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Client Needs:
VDI Implementation
Citrix XenDesktop Lifecycle Implementation

The Challenge:
Client wanted to use hosted desktops to solve several business challenges centered on providing fast and secure access to business applications for new acquisitions in the US, aas well as offshore employees and business partners. Client had chosen Citrix XenDesktop to meet the objectives. Citrix Systems engaged IntelliSuite resources to assist with the implementation.

The Client: 
The World’s Largest Hotel Group
Client Needs:
Citrix XenApp Migration
Citrix XenDesktop Implementation

The Challenge:
Client had recently merged to create the world’s largest hotel group and vacation ownership company. The organization had decided to use technology to consolidate and centralize provision of IT services to its many locations in the US. Citrix Systems engaged resources from IntelliSuite to assist with a solution.

Top 10 Largest Public Hospital Systems in the United States

The Challenge:

The client needed to provide universal access to its clinical systems  at multiple locations including hospitals, care centers and physician offices across the state. In addition, client wanted to make sure that provision of care would continue if its primary data center became unavailable.  They engaged the Citrix Specialists at IntelliSuite  to provide a solution.

The Client: 

One of the Top US Consulting Firms
Client Needs:
Private Cloud BYOD Solution

The Challenge:
The Client wanted to allow employees and contractors to utilize the most appropriate personal or corporate endpoints (PC, Mac, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.) to access approved software and content stored securely in a private cloud.

Case Story:

Virtualization solution allows Doctor to work from MacBook

The Client:  Mid-Size Medical Practice

The Challenge:   A Physician at this practice purchased an Apple MacBook and wanted to access AllScripts EHR System.  When she couldn’t log in, she called IntelliSuite’s 24/7 Helpdesk.  The IntelliSuite Engineer contacted AllScripts to verify that AllScripts does not support any OS other than Windows.


The IntelliSuite Solution:  Two options were available.  The Doctor could return the MacBook and replace it with a Windows laptop, but she wanted to be able to work on her new MacBook.  IntelliSuite presented a second option in order to provide a solution that would allow the Doctor to work the way she wanted to.   Using his expertise with virtualization, the IntelliSuite engineer installed Windows in a virtual application in the cloud.   This dual operating system solution required Microsoft Windows 8.1.  We sent the ISO to the MacBook, set up new VM via VMware Fusionin the cloud, launched the Windows 8 VM and tested AllScripts successfully.

Business Result:  The Doctor can now access AllScripts from her MacBook, and is extremely happy with the solution.  IntelliSuite Engineers were able to do most of this remotely, and went onsite to personally load the new software for the client, test the application, and train the Doctor on how to use it.  The Doctor can now access AllScripts anytime, anywhere.

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IntelliSuite leverages Citrix to create a secure mobile workplace for a medical practice requiring secure remote access to patient medical records.

The Client:  Family Practice Associates    Lexington, Ky

The Challenge:  The 9 physicians and their 35 employees provide healthcare services to patients at two facilities and needed to ensure that all patient records are accessible to authorized personnel regardless of location. They engaged IntelliSuite to help realize this vision.