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NIST and Microsoft Password Policy Best Practices

By Sean Doherty on 8/3/22 11:39 AM

Microsoft and The National Institute of Security Technology (NIST) are two of the leading resources for providing strong password policies. In this article, we discuss their recommended strategies to make sure your organization's passwords are strong enough to protect against hackers and cybercriminals. 

Topics: IT Security cybersecurity best practices Password Policy Best Practices password security network security password policy recommendations
9 min read

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

By Sean Doherty on 6/13/22 12:20 PM

Competing in today's economy requires employees to have access to their tools whether they are working from home or from the office. Azure VDI is the modern solution to enable your remote workforce. 

Topics: Data Security VDI Azure VDI Virtual Desktop Solution Remote Workforce virtual machines Azure Virtual Desktop
8 min read

The 5 Best Ways to Protect ePHI

By Sean Doherty on 6/6/22 7:58 AM

Healthcare organizations can use these 5 strategies to secure electronic protected health information (ePHI). 

Topics: HIPAA Compliance Data Security Encryption ePHI Security Protected Health Information Protect ePHI HIPAA Security Rule What is ePHI
6 min read

What is Considered PHI?

By Sean Doherty on 5/25/22 11:24 AM

There are 18 Identifiers of Protected Health Information (PHI) that you need to understand to secure this valuable information.  

Topics: What is PHI? Protect PHI Protected Health Information 18 Hipaa Identifiers of PHI The Difference Between PHI and ePHI