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3 Benefits of Online Backup Solutions

By Rose Doherty on 3/8/16 1:34 PM

A successful Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Plan requires that an online data and system backup solution is in place.  What are your options in choosing the best backup solution for your business.  

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Should You Allow Employees to Use Their Own Devices for Work?

By Rose Doherty on 9/28/15 7:00 AM

BYOD offers many benefits, but you have to consider the IT Security Risks

The evolution of personal mobile devices and the rise of how necessary they are to business success these days are forcing many small business owners to make a choice. "Bring Your Own Device” vs. “Corporate Owned Device”.

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3 Critical Elements for an Effective Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan.

By Rose Doherty on 9/21/15 7:00 AM

There Are 3 Critical Elements You Must Have In Place To Guarantee A Fast, Pain-Free Recovery Of Your Critical IT Systems In The Event Of A Data-Erasing Disaster, Yet Most Businesses Don’t Have Even One!

When it comes to backing up and protecting your company’s critical data, you need to know for certain – without any doubt – that you could recover your files and be back up and running again fast after a natural disaster, power outage, server crash, hacker attack or other data-erasing event. Here are 3 critical elements you must have to guarantee a painless recovery when things go wrong.

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What is the Difference Between Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

By Rose Doherty on 9/10/15 1:51 PM

Here’s a big (and scary) misconception you might have about your data backups: backing up your data guarantees a fast recovery. It does NOT!

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5 Tips to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

By Rose Doherty on 8/26/15 8:29 AM


Best Practices for Moving Data to the Cloud

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and while some companies are moving their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud, many others are choosing to streamline their businesses by moving individual business applications.

If you are considering moving any of your company's software applications "to the cloud," make sure to consider these 5 tips BEFORE you make the move:

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