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15 Lessons Learned from a HIPAA Data Breach

By Rose Doherty on 7/25/18 1:14 PM

Implementing a strong HIPAA Compliance framework is a requirement for all Covered Entities and Business Associates, but many practices don't realize this is also their best strategy to prevent a breach from happening!   My hope is that understanding what the OCR will ask you for after a Data Breach will help you implement an IT security framework that will reduce your chances of ever experiencing a data breach.  

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6 Common Findings of HIPAA Risk Analysis

By Rose Doherty on 5/26/15 12:28 PM


While working with busy medical practices to conduct an independant HIPAA Risk Analysis, I am always amazed to find the same compliance issues.  If you are the Security Officer for your company, correcting the following violations is a great step toward HIPAA Compliance.

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