It is estimated that the average employee receives 147 emails a day and spends 13 hours a week reading and sending email.  How can Office 365 Exchange Online help today's workforce to increase productivity despite the increasing volumes of communication?  Read on to learn 3 key benefits of Exchange Online that are modernizing businesses and increasing employee productivity.

Top 3 Benefits Of Exchange Online for Business

1. Increased Productivity - Exchange Online helps workers manage the increasing volume of email by allowing them to access it anytime, anywhere, from any of their devices. The exchange online inbox prioritizes the most important messages, helping users get more done faster by automatically setting up rules that match how an individual works.  Office 365 Groups simplifies collaboration by connecting groups of people, information, and the tools need to get more done together.  Exchange online works seamlessly with Skype for Business, OneDrive and SharePoint, and allows users to set up a group inbox, calendar, and private conversation, assuring everyone is always up to date with the latest information.  

2.  Increased email Security- What do spyware, trojan horses, phishing, worms, ransomware and viruses all have in common?  The #1 way they all infect your network is via email links and email attachments that are clicked on by employees.  Without proper email protection, your business is vulnerable to costly and damaging attacks.  Office 365 Exchange Online fortifies your IT defenses with advanced antivirus protection, automatic patching, and anti-spam filtering.  As attacks become more sophisticated, advanced security, privacy, encryption and anti-virus technologies available with Office 365 become your best defense against these threats.  In addition, data loss prevention features identify, monitor and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis and Outlook informs users about policy violations before sensitive data is sent. Most businesses  hosting email on-premise are lacking in these sophisticated security defenses. 

3. Increased Administrative Control - As businesses continue to be crippled by viruses such as Ransomware  and other malicious malware, IT Admin's need to re-gain control to protect their company against data loss, compliance violations, and the costly ransom demands of criminals. The Exchange Admin Center allows the Administrator to customize access settings based on the users role in the company and their need for access.  Compliance requirements can be met easily with Exchange access controls, archiving, large capacity mailboxes, and customizable retention policies allowing users to keep important data in one place.  Your compliance officer can run In-Place eDiscovery across Exchange and other Office 365 applications from the eDiscovery center to identify, hold, and analyze your organizations data.  IT can once again control and secure your sensitive company information using Office 365 Exchange Online. 

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Rose Doherty

Written by Rose Doherty