Intellisuite's virtualization expertise allows organizations to access AllScripts EHR system on their Macbook's even though it's only supported by windows OS

The Client: Mid-sized medical practice

The Challenge:

A Physician purchased an Apple MacBook and wanted to access AllScripts EHR System. When she couldn’t log in, she called IntelliSuite’s 24/7 Helpdesk.  The IntelliSuite engineer verified that AllScripts only supports Windows OS, and therefore will not work on the Doctor's new MacBook.  

The IntelliSuite Citrix Solution:

IntelliSuite presented two options to resolve the issue.  The easy solution is to return the MacBook and replace it with a Windows laptop, but this was not an option the Doctor wanted to consider.  Fortunately, IntelliSuite's virtualization expertise allowed a more desirable solution to be implemented.  IntelliSuite installed Windows OS in a virtual application in the cloud, sent the ISO to the MacBook, configured and launched a new VM via VMware Fusion in the cloud, and tested AllScripts successfully.

Business Result:

The Doctor can now access AllScripts from her MacBook, and is extremely happy with the solution.  IntelliSuite Engineers were able to do most of this remotely, and went onsite to personally load the new software for the client, test the application, and train the Doctor on how to use it.  The Doctor can now access AllScripts anytime, anywhere.

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Rose Doherty

Written by Rose Doherty